Back to the Golden Age at café de Boterwaag

10 maart 2020 | Door: Eline Broere

All times favorites. Oh yes, I have a few of those in The Hague for sure. One of them is de Boterwaag at the Grote Markt. Why? Because it’s a great building!

I would like to take you back to 1650. Architect Bartholomeus van Bassen built the Boterhuis at that time. Within a few years this building became to small, so he built the Boterwaag right next to it in 1681. You can still see the signs with the year on the walls outside. Both buildings were used as a place where people could buy cheese and yes.. butter! Inside the building you can still find one of the old scales they used.

Nowadays the place is a relaxed café, where you can enjoy an lunch, coffee with a piece of pie or diner. I highly recommend de Boterwaagsalad, with avocado, blue cheese, croutons, almonds and bacon. But you can also enjoy a beer out of their large selection. 

One more thing. This building is here for nearly 400 years. So yes, this definitely an all time favorite. Not only for me, but for the city itself as well.

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Stadscafé de Boterwaag
Grote Markt 8A
2511 BG Den Haag