Denim pillowcases, fresh flowers and stylish lamps

11 november 2019 | Door: Eline Broere

The Hague has many beautiful hotels, but a few weeks ago I was invited by Anuschka to check out the La Paulowna Boutique Hotel. Of course I couldn’t resist her offer, from the outside the building looks gorgeous, so I wanted to check out the inside for sure! Oh and even better, she told us to bring our pj’s for a sleepover  Sleeping in the city, I like!

The lovely Anuschka and her husband Wim own and run this hotel, so I met her on a Wednesday night at Hortus, the hotel restaurant. And oh my wow, the inside of the hotel is even prettier than the outside!

After an intense renovation the couple opened the hotel about a year ago (this elegant building used to be a bank). The result: five breathtaking fully renovated suites, each with a different look and feel. We had our slumber party at the Ochre Suite, which has a clear view over the Anna Paulownaplein. The Pearl Suite is light and bright, and is perfect for (pre)wedding nights.

When Anuschka gave us the tour, she told us about the decoration in the rooms, they used a lot of natural materials and personal items. The items all have their own story and bring something special to the rooms. They payed a lot of attention to the little details: denim pillowcases, fresh flowers, stylish lamps and even a bath tub with changing lights in the Chocolate Suite… Yep, this place it pretty cool! 

The suits are big and offer you all the things you need during your stay. My thoughts: the shower is seriously the best one I’ve ever had in a hotel, the bed is huge (I lost my BF) and I want to copy the interior and paste it into my house. The hotel feels personal and luxurious at the same time. So even though this hotel looks hip (and maybe even a bit expensive), it still feels very homy!

So if you or your loved ones are looking for a nice hotel to stay (9,5 on FYI), La Paulowna is the place to be.

Thanks again Anuschka & Wim for having us, we will definitely be back for a sleepover!

La Paulowna
Anna Paulownaplein 3
2518 BK Den Haag