Frites Atelier: art for the eyes and mouth

10 maart 2020 | Door: Eline Broere

We've been doing it for years. Changing several diffrent dishes to something completly new. Japanse sushi has turned into a western version, where we deepfry the seaweed rolls and milkshakes are getting bigger and crazier. And now chips. Frites Atelier transformed these potatoes to a delicious piece of art.

Foto: Friet Atelier Den Haag

In The Hague we've got a lot of nice places to get some delicious chips. All kind of stores that sell chips while looking stylish and superhipster. And there is Frites Altelier. They treat the food like it’s an art. I have to admit, I like it. This new superfancy ‘patatzaak’ is owned by Sergio Herman, one of Hollands most famous chefs. So yes, this place sells state of the art fries.

Friet Ateliers menu
Who needs classic mayonnaise when you can order pepper, truffles, béarnise, basil or peanut sauce? That’s what I thought. But there’s more! Frites Atelier also sells chips with all kind of toppings. On their menu you can find special chips like ones with dried seewead, wasabi and yuzu-miso mayonaise. Make sure to try this. It looks beautiful, smells delicious and tastes amazing too.

Frites Atelier
Venestraat 7
2511 AR Den Haag