Kellys Expat Shopping: where UK and USA food meet

9 juli 2020

It's a valhalla for all British and American food. Kelly's Expat Shopping packed all the goods of the two countries in one shop. With sweet treats up to English tea. And from UK beers to all the essentials for a Halloween party. Welcome at Kellys Expat Shopping.

You can imagine this small shop is very popular among English and Americans. Either to buy their trusted goods or simply to wander around among all the fascinating sweets. All the famous brands are in this store. Cadburry chocolate to Bisto gravy for your Sunday Roast. In the back of the shop there is a corner dedicated entirely to cerials. Apparently it also has a magnetic power, as every Instagrammer can't resist taking pictures here. The people are friendly and are happy to help you with all your needs. Is there anything out of stock? No problem. They don’t mind ordering it for you. Or, alternatively you can purchase it in their online shop. Fun fact: the owner's surname is Kelly. He's married to his wife Kelly. Which makes her full name now: Kelly Kelly! 

Bubbly Zeheeldenkwartier
You can find Kellys Expat Shopping on Zoutmanstraat in the Zeeheldenkwartier. Which, by the way, is a neighborhood full of local businesses. So if you really want to get to know The Hague, this is the place to go.


Kellys Expat Shopping
Zoutmanstraat 22A
2518 GP Den Haag