Kompaan: craftmanship here and beyond

21 augustus 2020

Kompaan. It not only means 'friend' in Dutch, it is also very likely that this will become a good friend of yours. It’s a local beer brand. With a huge craft beer bar behind their brewery. What better place to taste craftsmanship than in one of the most innovative places of The Hague? Cheers to Kompaan!

Sounds good, doesn't it? Fresh beer, right there. With no less than twenty beertaps to choose from. Kompaan is well known for their award winning beers. And by award, we mean awards. Best beer of the Netherlands. Silver at the Barcelona Beer Challenge. The world’s best IPA. Do we need to go on? They even age their beers in wooden whiskey barrels.

The good thing is, they like to share their tips as well. So you won’t only find Kompaan beers at the bar, but also a couple from their favourite micro breweries. And wines from befriended businesses. With ofcourse great options for a snack on the side. Can’t make a choice? Try the beer tasting sessions.

There’s enough space to enjoy your beer. On the 165 m2 terrace for example. With a great view on the industrial setting in The Hague, named the Binckhorst. You'll be surrounded by fabrics, boats from the haven and the busy city centre far far away. Without losing any of the city-feeling.

Saturnusstraat 55
2516 AE Den Haag