Tigershark: coffee hangout near the beach

23 augustus 2020

Coffee lover and planning to visit The Hague? Don't forget this one. Tigershark Coffee is one of those perfect places for a little caffeine stop. No fuss. Nearby the beach. A excited and young team. Great quality.  You know, one of those places.

No nonsense type of coffee shop

The beach is obviously nearby. With surfboards on the wall, laidback ambience and ofcourse the actual beach at a distance of a 5 minute walk. Tigershark is therefore more like a hangout. Where surfers, newby parents, and locals meet.  A shop close to the beach is not a surprise though. The owner is a surfer himself. But his first love was without a doubt coffee. Vincent decided to turn his love for coffee into reality. So don't expact 'just' coffee. It may look like your regular coffee place, but wait when you have a sip. It’s all about the very best. There are several beans to choose from, which he and his team critically examines themselfs. All from micoroasters nearby.

Tigershark is widley known for his quality. Bart Jan (pohotgrapher) says:

The combination of his hospitality and delicious coffee makes this one of the most wonderful places of The Hague

It's in the details

Okay. Coffee is the main focus here. However, Tigershark is also a great place to have breakfast or lunch. With fresh bread from a local baker and sweets which you probably can't resist. But also remember to carefully listen to the music. Vincent loves making playlists for every possible mood. So ofcourse he also created one for you, now. To get in the mood for your upcoming visit to Tigershark. 

Interested to know all the details of your cup of coffee? Just ask! Vincent says he doesn't want to bother everyone with his 'nerdy' stories, but we promise you, the moment you ask he’s happy to tell you all the ins and outs. Enjoy!

Tigershark Coffee
Badhuisstraat 114
2584 HL Den Haag